• Login to vendor’s account and go to store manager.
  • In the store manager’s homepage, locate “Product” under dropdown beside “My Store” or locate the product icon (looks like a box), and click on it. It means “Add New

Click on “Product”, “Add New” or the “Product Icon”

On the Add New page, the following numbers are:

1 – Choose whether it is a Simple Product or a Variable Product (One Product with different price tags due to variation in sizes, weight or quantity)

2 – Click Virtual if the product is not been shipped.

3 – Fill the name of the Product in the box (e.g. Noin-Noin Vintage Shirt)

4 – Fill the slot for the actual price of the product.

5 – Click to add the Product image.

6 – Click to add multiple images of the same products.

7 – Select the product category (and sub-category if needed)

8 – Write a short description of the products.

9 – Additional product description (OPTIONAL)

10 – Click to add product tags (e.g. #fashion, #lagosbeauty, #slides etc)

11 – Stock Key Unit (Optional)

12 – Fill for attributes like variations in weight, sizes etc.

13 – Fill for attribute values (e.g. 5kg|3kg, 30ml|6ml, 43|45 etc.)