Delivery charges

We also offer a standard 7-day return policy for eligible items in case you need to make a return. To return any items bought on Noin-Noin, adhere to the conditions in the Return Policy. Theft and damage during transit have a free insurance coverage.

Does warranty cover all items on the platform?

Products or services sold by Noin-Noin are purchased from authentic, credible and authorized distributors. Therefore, decisions of warranty on products are at the discretion of the manufacturers. However, products such as clothing items, confectionaries, or food are not covered by warranty.

What are my choices of delivery?

The choice of delivery is made through reputable delivery logistic companies. Deliveries are also made to your door steps. You can make payment to Noin-Noin through PayStack, mobile money transfer, or cash on delivery.

Buyers may also decide to pick up their orders from our designated locations.

What time do I order and get my delivery?

Delivery time starts from the day you place your order. Our delivery period is 7 days and attempts will be made three (3) times in five (5) business days (Monday till Friday), depending on the choice of delivery. Orders must be placed on or before 3pm on each business days. Ordering after the designated time will incur extra delivery charges and longer period of delivery, which varies by location and size of product. Failure to meet up with the time of delivery will cause automatic termination of order.

Check the Delivery Schedules on the platform for more information.

Where does Noin-Noin deliver?

We manage our operations in Nigeria, so, delivery is available only within Nigeria.

Do we worry over hidden costs?

Noin-Noin is a credible and reliable online shopping platform. All taxes, or dispatchable charges are inclusive in the price listing of products on the platform. We do not include extra taxes, hidden costs or additional dispatch charges. Hence, the purchase of products on the non-negotiable. So, there is no need to worry.

What are your delivery schedules?

Noin-Noin guarantees a fast and credible delivery service. Our delivery is scheduled 3-5 business days, for cities in Lagos, Ibadan and Ogun state respectively. Larger items will take additional shipping days.